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Northwest Potato Research Consortium
Cooperative Effort of the Potato Commissions of ID, OR, & WA

“In 1949, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recognized the national importance of the Pacific Northwest in the production and processing of potatoes and supported the establishment of a potato research breeding program at Aberdeen, Idaho. While the state of Idaho had initially petitioned for the establishment of the potato breeding program, from its inception the program was meant to serve the potato industry in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Additional funding obtained in 1983 allowed the establishment of the Northwest Potato Variety Development Program, also know as the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program. The objective of this regional program was to develop new potato varieties for the Pacific Northwest with enhanced attributes relative to varieties currently available to the industry.

The Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program is a cooperative, regional collaboration of the USDA/ARS of Idaho and Washington, Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University and the potato commissions of the three states. Research scientists work together with Experiment Station personnel in a coordinated program that has resulted in more than forty new potato varieties being released since the program’s inception.

Funding of the program is also cooperative, including state universities, USDA-ARS base funds, grower dollars from the state commissions, and federal grant funding through various USDA programs.”


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Washington State University Cultivar Yield & Postharvest Quality Evaluation

2020 Potato Cultivar Yield and Postharvest Quality Evaluations
2017 Potato Cultivar Yield and Postharvest Quality Evaluations
2015 Potato Cultivar Yield and Postharvest Quality Evaluations

University of Idaho
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Clearwater Russet

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About The Northwest Potato Research Consortium

In February 2012 the state potato commissions in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon officially launched a new cooperative effort in research. The aim of this initiative is to increase cooperation and efficiency of the research programs funded by the three potato commissions that total about $1.5 million annually. It will also work toward comprehensive research results reporting process that aims to get useful information to the growers and industry members who need it. This website is a big part of that effort. Research results, integrated pest management guidance, and production information of many kinds will be presented here. For feedback or suggestions on this site, please contact Raina Spence, Manager of the Consortium.

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